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bronwen coe






I painted for the first time when I was in my later 20's, having avoided the school art room like the plague - partly through the total lack of ability, but then, as now, from an aversion to, and discomfort in anything other than creative privacy.

I have worked and exhibited over the last thirty + years.

Late in 2010 I embarked on a committed body of work which has absorbed, excited, challenged and enthralled me. Many of the starting points arrived as inspirations from reading Mircea Eliade "Sacred and Profane". This book essentialised and brought into the light a lifetime's odyssey and search for spiritual understanding .Particular ideas that emerged and found expression included transcendence, hierophany, threshold, the 'between', beauty and metamorphosis, spiritual archaeology etc.

My passion has always been to explore the hidden and mystical qualities of the natural world, bringing into relationship both general, particular, material and symbolic subjects, delving behind the structures of that world in order to present some kind of intimation into visible and invisible worlds. This involves a diversity of images, which nevertheless arrive at a resonance with each other. Sometimes this reveals a gently surreal syncronicity. I often feel that I am both building up layers and sculpting into the paper in a process of archaeological symbolism. I combine photographic images, a printing technique, coloured pencil, pastel and gouache. Some works also incorporate collage.