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I painted for the first time when I was in my later 20's, having avoided the school art room like the plague - partly through the total lack of ability, but then, as now, from an aversion to, and discomfort in anything other than creative privacy.

I have worked and exhibited over the last thirty years, landscape always being the source of my inspiration.

About five years ago I had some time out from painting when I became besotted with a digital camera, and we became inseparable! I knew nothing about the 'science' of photography, and now know next to nothing, but I have put my trust in my eye and the lens and seeking always the magical connection sometimes catch that something 'other'.

This sojourn into another discipline resulted, two years ago, in a whole new approach and direction for my art and late in 2010 I embarked on a commited body of work which has absorbed, excited, challenged and enthralled me. Many of the starting points arrived as inspirations from reading Mircea Eliade "Sacred and Profane". This book essentialised and brought into the light a lifetime's odyssey and search for spiritual understanding .Particular ideas that emerged and found expression included transcendence, hierophany, threshold, the 'between', beauty and metamorphosis, spiritual archaeology etc.

My passion has always been to explore the hidden and mystical qualities of nature held within the landscape, bringing into relationship both general, particular, material and symbolic subjects, delving behind the structures of the natural world in order to present some kind of intimation into visible and invisible worlds. This involves a diversity of images, which nevertheless arrive at a resonance with each other. Sometimes this reveals a gently surreal syncronicity. I often feel that I am both building up layers and sculpting into the paper in a process of archaeological symbolism. I combine a printing technique with coloured pencil, pastel and gouache. Some works also incorporate collage. 


Recent Exhibitions
November-December2011Artemisia Gallery Abbotsbury Dorset
May 2011Bridport Open Studios
August 2010Bridport Open Studios
May-June 2008Dorset Art Weeks

 Past Solo Exhibitions during the 80's and 90's included:-

Vale & Downland Museum Wantage

Baylywick Gallery Wells

Alpha Gallery East Coker

Alpha Gallery Salisbury

Meridien Gallery Kelynack Cornwall

Past Shared Exhibitions included:-

Butlin Gallery Dillington Ilminster

Art Centre Yeovil

Rimpton House Sherborne

'Alma' Dorchester Hospital


Work exhibited at following galleries from late 1980's into the 2000's

Thursday Gallery, Bath.    Sirotta Gallery, Wells.      Saltram House, Plymouth.  Gumstool Gallery Tetbury.                                Delahaye Cirencester     Horizon,Lands End              Newlyn Orion,Cornwall

Syreford, Cheltenham       Hambledon, Blandford    Elizabeth Interiors, South Petherton.

Castle Arts, Canterbury.    Peter Hedley, Wareham.     VictoriaArt, Taunton        

Canterbury Festival of the Arts

Concerning the Spiritual in Art Wedmore Arts Festival.